v1.42.2 Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce Free Download

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v1.42.2 Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce Free Download

Version 1.42.2

RELEASED ON 2024-04-11
Fixed a edge case bug that could prevent 
the save button in the UX to render.

Version 1.42.1

RELEASED ON 2024-04-10
Removed consent update reload triggers for some CMPs, 
as in some cases the CMPs emit CMP click events 
on each page load and lead to a reload loop.

Version 1.41.0

RELEASED ON 2024-03-21
Added support for VWO (Visual Website Optimizer).
Added Snapchat user_phone_number parameter.
Added more logging for the TikTok pixel.
Added several Snapchat events for tracking: LOGIN, ADD_TO_WISHLIST, START_CHECKOUT, SEARCH
Added a fallback to add the timestamp for TikTok EAPI purchase event in case it can't retrieve it from the browser.
Added more page data output to the wpmDataLayer.
Workaround for the Astra theme show_variation bug that triggers multiples times on page load on the product page.
Added safeguard if server requests for fetching product data is missing input data.
Added tweaks if Cookiebot is active. (Exclusions for script auto blocking and their Google Consent Mode)
Removed Google Optimize as it was decommissioned by Google.
Added safeguard to not run WooCommerce specific code on non-WooCommerce sites.
Updated Complianz CMP cookie names.
Added support for the WP Cookie Consent CMP.
Bumped up WooCommerce version compatibility to 8.7
Bumped up WordPress version compatibility to 6.5
Updated vendor libraries.

Version 1.40.1

RELEASED ON 2024-03-01
Fixed a bug that could prevent detecting if the purchase conversions were fired.

Version 1.40.0

RELEASED ON 2024-02-27
Added support for the Google Consent Mode v2 in the free version of the Pixel Manager.
Refactored a few internal functions.