(v8.2.0) WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program Free Download

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  • Create Date November 15, 2023
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(v8.2.0) WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program Free Download


02.03.2024 - ver 8.2.0
   - Introduce a new feature allowing users to set commissions 
for specific affiliates.
   - Enhance the system to include the option 
for setting commissions on specific affiliates within designated categories.
   - Address and resolve the commission generation 
issue triggered by updates to Woocommerce.
   - Rectify issues identified within the commission tab functionality.
   - Other minor bug fixes
04.01.2024 - ver 8.1.0   
   - Add Allow Own Referral feature
   - Add Affiliate can see the name of 
the affiliate through which he receives the commission.
   - Modify show commission message on the product page, 
given setting in the backend to enable/disable this feature. 
   - Fix the issue of adding a category in the commission setting tab
   - Other minor bug fixes 

   07.11.2023 - ver 8.0.1
   - Security & other minor bug fixes
21/10/2023 - ver 8.0.0 

-- Security Bug Fixed 21/10/2023 - ver 8.0.0 -- 
Integrated with Contact Form 7 -- Added a feature to show messages 
to customers on the product page to join the affiliate program 
and earn commissions -- Added compatibility with 
Woocommerce HPOS functionality -- Added a feature 
to apply the maximum withdrawal amount for affiliates. 
-- Other minor bug fixes 18/08/2023 - ver 7.2.0 
-- Improve Affiliate link generation workflow. 
-- Fix the withdrawal request feature with a minimum withdrawal amount. 
-- Every Affiliate can see his name on the affiliate panel in template 3. 
-- Fix the issue with generating manual referrals with paid status. 
-- Other minor bug fixes 08/06/2023 - ver 7.1.0 
-- Added forget password feature for affiliates. 
-- Given the option to admin to activate/deactivate email. 
-- Given logout option in template 1. -- Other minor bug fixes