Nulled WooCommerce Pluginsv2.9.0 Groups for WooCommerce Free Download

v2.9.0 Groups for WooCommerce Free Download

Seamlessly managing customer groups in an online store can significantly enhance both the shopping experience for users and the management process for store owners. Groups for WooCommerce Nulled stands out as a robust solution for this task. By integrating group-based functionality into your WooCommerce store, you can effortlessly create and manage user groups, offer group-specific pricing, and control access to products and content based on group membership.

Customer segmentation is a critical strategy in the world of e-commerce. It allows for personalized shopping experiences, targeted marketing, and strategic access control. Groups for WooCommerce is a powerful extension that equips store owners with the tools necessary to leverage these benefits through efficient group management.


Groups for WooCommerce Nulled is a versatile plugin that transforms your WooCommerce store into a fully-fledged membership site. It allows you to sell memberships linked to group memberships, segment your customers into different groups, and offer group-specific incentives. This enhances the shopping experience for your customers and provides you with precise control over your store’s content and products.


  1. User Group Creation and Management: Easily create and manage user groups within your WooCommerce store.
  2. Group-Specific Pricing: Offer special pricing and discounts to specific groups, incentivizing membership and boosting loyalty.
  3. Membership Sales: Sell access to groups in the form of memberships, creating a recurring revenue stream.
  4. Content Restriction: Restrict access to content and products based on user group membership.
  5. Bulk Additions: Add users to groups in bulk, saving time and effort for store managers.
  6. Flexible Access Control: Set up rules for content and product visibility, allowing granular control over what different groups can see and purchase.
  7. Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions: Seamlessly works with WooCommerce Subscriptions for managing recurring payments for group memberships.
  8. Automatic Group Assignments: Automatically assign users to groups based on the products they purchase.
  9. Group-Based Rewards: Implement a rewards system that offers points or discounts to group members.
  10. Customizable Group Capabilities: Define what actions group members can perform on your site, such as posting comments or accessing exclusive areas.
  11. Membership Expiration: Set membership durations, with automatic expiration and renewal options.
  12. Group Hierarchies: Create sub-groups and hierarchies, offering layered membership levels and benefits.
  13. Email Notifications: Automated email notifications for membership approvals, renewals, and expirations.
  14. Compatibility with Other Extensions: Works in tandem with other WooCommerce extensions for enhanced functionality.
  15. Localization Support: Fully translatable, making it suitable for stores serving diverse linguistic demographics.
  16. Import/Export Functionality: Import and export group data for ease of management and backup.
  17. Detailed Reporting: Access reports on group memberships, sales, and user activity.
  18. Performance Optimization: Designed to handle large numbers of users and groups without compromising site performance.
  19. Custom Registration Fields: Add custom fields to registration forms for collecting additional information from group members.
  20. API Support: Leverage a comprehensive API for advanced customization and integration with external systems.
  21. Regular Updates: Receive consistent updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.
  22. Quality Support: Access to dedicated and knowledgeable support for troubleshooting and queries.
  23. Documentation: Extensive documentation to help you maximize the use of the plugin’s features.

Groups for WooCommerce Free Download stands as an indispensable tool for store owners looking to enhance their e-commerce platform with group-based functionalities. From membership sales to group-specific pricing and content restriction, this plugin empowers you to craft a tailored and rewarding shopping experience for your customers. It’s a robust solution for those aiming to streamline customer segmentation, offer personalized deals, and ultimately drive customer loyalty and revenue. With its extensive features, ease of use, and strong support infrastructure, Groups for WooCommerce is a wise investment for any store owner seeking to unlock the potential of group-based e-commerce strategies.

Groups for WooCommerce Changelog

Version 2.9.0

RELEASED ON 2024.05.19
WordPress 6.5 compatible.
WooCommerce 8.9 compatible.

Version 2.8.0

RELEASED ON 2024.04.08
WordPress 6.5 compatible.
WooCommerce 8.8 compatible.
Updated links to point to instead of
Filtering products by group in the admin section did not consider variations related to groups properly.
The product groups filter field in the products admin section now shows the count of products related to each group.
Added the groups_woocommerce_restrict_manage_posts_product_groups_show_counts filter which allows to show (default) or hide product counts per group in the product groups filter field.

Version 2.7.0

RELEASED ON 2024.03.26
WordPress 6.5 compatible.
WooCommerce 8.7 compatible.
Revised the information on product group settings for improved clarity.
Updated to use the latest membership verification API in Groups.
Updated checks on several instances where a product object is retrieved and a possible value of false instead of an object was not taken into account.
Updated the translation template.
Updated the included translations.
Filtering orders by group with HPOS provided incorrect results.

Version 2.6.0

RELEASED ON 2024.01.16
WooCommerce 8.5 compatible.
Requires at least WooCommerce 8.2.
Requires at least PHP 7.4.
Added compatibility plugin header fields.
Fixes a PHP Fatal error that could occur in certain processing flows when the get_current_screen() method was not yet available.
Updated links to point to instead of
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