Nulled WooCommerce PluginsSalesforce Integration for WooCommerce 1.1.3 Nulled (By WP Swings)

Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce 1.1.3 Nulled (By WP Swings)

WP Swings’ Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce Nulled plugin is a cutting-edge solution designed to boost the potential of your eCommerce business. By mapping feeds to Salesforce objects, it syncs data from your WooCommerce store with your Salesforce CRM account.

The technicalities of WooCommerce Salesforce CRM Integration may appear daunting, but our Salesforce connector plugin will only make the process easier for you.

With the default feeds provided by this Salesforce connector plugin, you can quickly sync WooCommerce and Salesforce objects.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Salesforce CRM Integration Plugin?

By ignoring their data, businesses miss out on opportunities to interact with and serve their customers. Data management is critical at all stages of business operations. Spreadsheets were commonly used to manage data. It is, however, nearly impossible with bulk data generation. Using customer relationship management software (CRM) as an alternative to manually tracking data is a simple solution. CRM can handle everything from data management to tracking and visualizing the effects.

Salesforce CRM is popular among marketers because of its numerous features, which include contact and task management, customer engagement, collaboration tools, workflow creation, opportunity tracking, intuitive analytics reports, and mobile-ready dashboards.


Real-time syncing

With the new background syncing feature, you can have your WooCommerce orders synced with Salesforce order items regardless of your customer’s payment method.

Filter in a log table

We have added a filter to the log table in the latest release of the Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce Free Download plugin to easily filter out logs with errors in the synced data.

Conditional Filtering

With the latest version of the WooCommerce Salesforce connector plugin, you can now add conditional filters to the Salesforce WooCommerce feeds.

Wipe Data

When you enable the “Wipe Data” option, when you disconnect the integration between WooCommerce and Salesforce, all syncing data is erased.

Fast data sync

Data is synced in real time by this WooCommerce plugin. This plugin’s main advantages are real-time data sync and historical data sync.

Feed for Quote Items

If you sell products that require you to quote prices, we have now added the object in the sale to allow you to sync such products as well.

Better customer management

The advanced features aid in customer management by tracking orders and order items.

Real-time reporting

Syncs your WooCommerce data in real-time with Salesforce CRM and displays the records via sync logs.

Automate routine tasks

Increases sales by automating all of your basic tasks such as data collection, tracking customer behavior, generating analytics reports, and so on.

Advanced security

Salesforce CRM is the most trusted CRM tool in terms of data security. This integration secures incoming data using API layer verifications and validations before integrating it into the CRM.

Avail Coupon Discount

Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin sends coupon codes and the discount provided by coupons to Salesforce.

Intuitive setup process

The plugin provides an easy setup process for syncing your website data with your Salesforce CRM account, with an interactive layout.

Download Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce Nulled

The Salesforce integration for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that can help businesses of all sizes improve their sales and customer management processes. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established e-commerce business, this integration can help you streamline your workflow and grow your business more efficiently.

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