Nulled WooCommerce PluginsWooCommerce Delivery (v1.2.4) Delivery Date & Time Slots Free Download

WooCommerce Delivery (v1.2.4) Delivery Date & Time Slots Free Download

The e-commerce universe is ever-evolving. From the early days of simple cart systems to today’s intricate e-commerce platforms, the online shopping experience has been continually refined to meet the expectations of the modern consumer. Among these expectations is the demand for precise and timely deliveries. Enter WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Slots Nulled a game-changing solution designed to revolutionize the delivery process.

WooCommerce, as a leading e-commerce platform, has always been about providing vendors with tools that empower them to offer top-tier services. While selling products online has its perks, ensuring that these products get to customers as promised is equally vital. WooCommerce Delivery Nulled Date & Time Slots bridges this need, ensuring that both vendors and consumers have a seamless post-purchase experience.


  1. Customizable Delivery Windows:
    • Flexibility for Vendors: Store owners can define available delivery days, blackout specific dates (holidays or non-working days), and even set the maximum deliveries per time slot.
    • Convenience for Consumers: Shoppers can choose the delivery date and time that suits their schedule, ensuring they are available to receive their orders.
  2. Buffer Time & Cut-off Times:
    Ensure there’s always ample time to prepare orders. Vendors can set buffer times between order and delivery, ensuring no rush. Additionally, daily cut-off times can be established so orders made past a certain time will be processed the next day.
  3. Delivery Charges Based on Time Slot:
    Peak hours or weekend deliveries often come with extra operational costs. With this feature, vendors can set varied delivery charges based on the selected time slot, ensuring profitability.
  4. Time Slot Durations:
    Vendors have the liberty to set the duration of each time slot – be it 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more, giving them the power to decide how densely packed their delivery schedules are.
  5. Frontend Widgets:
    The plugin integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce checkout process, providing customers with an intuitive interface to pick their preferred delivery slot.
  6. Rescheduling & Limiting Deliveries:
    Things don’t always go as planned. Customers can reschedule their deliveries with ease. On the flip side, store owners can limit the number of deliveries in a day to manage operational capabilities better.
  7. Integration with Other Plugins:
    WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Slots is designed to play well with other plugins. Whether it’s email notifications, SMS alerts, or integration with delivery partner plugins – it all works in perfect harmony.

In the vast and competitive world of e-commerce, tiny details can make a significant difference. The WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Slots Free Download isn’t just about precision; it’s about enhancing the overall shopping experience. It’s an embodiment of what modern e-commerce should feel like – tailored, efficient, and customer-centric. For vendors, it’s an opportunity to not just sell, but to elevate the post-purchase experience. And for consumers, it’s the comfort of knowing that their orders will reach them exactly when they want it. In this era, where time is of the essence, WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Slots stands out as a beacon of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


- NEW: Set dates and time ranges when you can not deliver.
- NEW: Triggering update_checkout when Fees by Weekday enabled
- FIX: Calculating distance via Geoposition was not working
- FIX: Advanced settings HTML Check not working
- FIX: Minimum order value caused not able to create pages or posts
- FIX: New Geocoding feature not working
- FIX: Using delivery_date_locale now for admin mails
- FIX: Admin panel crashed in delivery time settings

- NEW: Delivery Location based on Radius
This will calculate the distance between the user and the
selected delivery location and disables them when out of radius
- NEW: Use Geocoding instead of Distance Matrix
- NEW: Performance optimizations due to code refactoring
- NEW: Moved filter woocommerce_delivery_date_form_options to support picker select
- NEW: Introduced new filter:
- FIX: Delivery time max orders enabled issue
- FIX: Using users shipping address instead of billing when guest checkout
- FIX: Delivery dates used when disabled
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