WooCommerce Nulledv2.0.16 WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Free Download

v2.0.16 WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Free Download

The digital marketplace is data-driven, and understanding customer behavior is key to success. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Nulled serves as a bridge between WooCommerce-powered online stores and the robust analytics offered by Google, providing deep insights into customer interactions.

This plugin enhances the native integration between WooCommerce and Google Analytics Nulled, offering advanced tracking capabilities that allow e-commerce store owners to make data-informed decisions. It captures detailed data on user behavior and e-commerce interactions, translating them into actionable insights.


  1. Enhanced E-commerce Tracking: Goes beyond basic page views and event tracking by capturing detailed user interactions, including product clicks, add-to-cart actions, and checkout progression.
  2. Advanced Event Tracking: Tracks key events such as coupon usage, product searches, and product reviews, painting a clearer picture of the customer journey.
  3. User ID Tracking: Assigns unique IDs to logged-in users, enabling cross-device tracking and a unified view of customer interactions.
  4. Purchase Behavior Analysis: Provides insights into the purchase funnel, identifying where customers drop off and what drives conversions.
  5. Refund and Cancellation Tracking: Monitors refund and cancellation events, offering a comprehensive view of financial metrics.
  6. Product and Category Performance: Breaks down sales performance by products and categories, helping store owners identify top performers and areas for improvement.
  7. Affiliate and Coupon Tracking: Tracks the effectiveness of affiliate links and coupon codes, enabling better marketing spend allocation.
  8. Custom Dimensions and Metrics: Allows for the creation of custom dimensions and metrics tailored to the unique needs of the business.
  9. Dashboard Integration: Integrates with the WordPress dashboard, providing at-a-glance analytics without the need to log into Google Analytics.
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization: Data from the plugin can be used to optimize product pages, pricing strategies, and checkout processes to improve conversion rates.
  11. Cart Abandonment Analysis: Uncovers patterns in cart abandonment, enabling targeted interventions to improve checkout completion rates.
  12. Behavioral Cohort Analysis: Segments users based on behavior, providing insights into different customer groups and their preferences.
  13. Link Attribution: Tracks how internal links contribute to sales and conversions, helping optimize site layout and navigation.
  14. Secure Data Handling: Ensures user data is handled securely and in compliance with privacy regulations.
  15. Seamless Integration: Integrates smoothly with both WooCommerce and Google Analytics, maintaining a cohesive user experience.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Free Download is a powerful tool that transforms raw data into a goldmine of insights. By providing a comprehensive view of customer behavior and e-commerce performance, it empowers store owners to make informed decisions that drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

The plugin’s advanced tracking features ensure that no aspect of the customer journey goes unnoticed. From initial product interest to post-purchase behavior, it captures the nuances of customer interactions, enabling a nuanced understanding of the e-commerce landscape.

Furthermore, the actionable insights generated by WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro facilitate strategic decisions, whether it’s refining marketing campaigns, optimizing product assortments, or streamlining the checkout process. Its role in conversion rate optimization cannot be overstated, as it provides the granular data necessary to fine-tune every touchpoint of the customer journey.

In conclusion, WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is more than just an analytics plugin; it’s a strategic partner in the quest for e-commerce excellence. By bridging the gap between WooCommerce and Google Analytics, it provides store owners with the intelligence they need to thrive in a competitive digital marketplace. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, this tool can illuminate the path to success, turning visitors into customers and data into dollars.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Changelog

Version 2.0.16

RELEASED ON 2024.03.04
When tracking add to cart events, use the product data from the cart session rather than the product data from the database
Improve compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards
Improve compatibility with YITH Request a Quote for WooCommerce
Add filters to tweak the behavior of tracking completed purchase events for orders that are normally in paid status

Version 2.0.15

RELEASED ON 2024.01.23
Add support for new authentication proxy service

Version 2.0.14

RELEASED ON 2023.11.30
Prevent Fatal TypeErrors for `add_to_cart` events in PHP 8.2 and newer

Version 2.0.13

RELEASED ON 2023.11.17
Add admin notices to help merchants reverting to the cart or checkout shortcodes if the corresponding blocks are used instead
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