CodeCanyon NulledWooCommerce PDF Vouchers 4.7.4 Nulled - Ultimate Gift Cards WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers 4.7.4 Nulled – Ultimate Gift Cards WordPress Plugin

Create an unlimited number of PDF vouchers for customers to redeem online or in person. The WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Nulled WordPress plugin is ideal for gift vouchers, rewards, promotions, and event tickets, providing you and your customers with complete flexibility. This PDF Vouchers plugin will help your business whether it is online or offline, or if you want to combine the two.

Gift certificates, vouchers, and discount codes are nothing new, but what if you’re selling something that can’t be downloaded or shipped? The PDF Vouchers WordPress plugin allows you to sell any product, service, or experience online by using vouchers that can be printed and redeemed in person – the possibilities are endless! You get all of the exposure, convenience, and security of online ordering and payments while still being able to deliver your product or service in a physical location at a later date.

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers connect your online store to your physical location, making life easier for your customers and assisting you in ensuring a smooth operation and excellent customer service. It’s automated, secure, and simple to use, with powerful admin and reporting tools to help you keep track of your voucher codes.

Fully Customizable

The intuitive drag-and-drop tools in the admin interface allow you to create your own vouchers in minutes. You can personalize your PDF vouchers for your brand or business, and you can even tailor them to specific products, events, or promotions. Create an unlimited number of PDF templates and customize each element. Variations of the same product are also supported by PDF Vouchers, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

It’s simple to ensure that each voucher is unique and cannot be duplicated or re-used with the WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Free Download plugin.

Automated and Secure

PDF Vouchers handles everything from code generation to recording and verifying redeemed vouchers. Create an unlimited number of unique codes automatically, import them via CSV, or enter them manually. If necessary, you can restrict certain codes so that vouchers can only be used once. Coupon codes can even be generated from voucher codes and redeemed in your online store.

You can add a QR code or barcode to your PDF file for added convenience and security, which can be scanned when the printed voucher is redeemed. This makes it faster and easier than ever to verify each voucher at the collection point or event venue, ensuring that customers are not kept waiting.

Effortless Voucher Management

You can view and manage your vouchers on the voucher admin page, as well as run detailed reports for purchased, used, and unused voucher codes. You can instantly determine whether a voucher code is valid and mark it as redeemed, allowing you to provide a consistent service to each customer.

Also, you can export lists of voucher codes, including all customer details, to PDF or CSV using the PDF Vouchers plugin.

Great for Gifts

It’s never been easier for your customers to send gift vouchers for your products, services, events, or experiences to their family and friends thanks to PDF Vouchers. They can personalize their vouchers in your online store by entering the recipient’s information and their own message to create a one-of-a-kind gift card that can be emailed.

Pay Your Price Extension Support

This powerful WordPress plugin supports the Pay Your Price extension, which allows customers to select the value of their gift voucher and enter it into the price field when making a purchase. This is ideal for gift certificates as well as non-profit supporters who want to specify their gift donation.

Download WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Plugin

Customers may redeem PDF vouchers in-person or online in an unlimited number of ways. The WordPress plugin WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Free Download is the ideal choice for gift certificates, incentives, promotions, and event tickets because it offers you and your customers complete flexibility. This PDF Vouchers plugin will help your business grow whether it’s an offline business, an online store, or a combination of the two.

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Changelog

= Version 4.7.4 (2023-12-11) =

* [+] New: Added setting for Recipient Custom Field at global level.
* [+] New: Added popup containing a list of shortcodes into the voucher template.

= Version 4.7.3 (2023-12-07) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of popup preview.

= Version 4.7.2 (2023-11-27) =

* [+] New: Added a support of Woo-Express Checkout.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an Custom Font issue of compatibility with Multi Language Characters support Add-on.

= Version 4.7.1 (2023-10-23) =

* [+] New: Added a support of License manager panel on License activation page.
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