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WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled v6.4.0

WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled is a versatile plugin that transforms a standard WooCommerce store into a dynamic subscription-based business model. This powerful tool enables businesses to offer products or services on a recurring basis, enhancing revenue streams and building customer loyalty.

The subscription economy is thriving, with more consumers preferring the convenience and consistency of subscribing to their favorite products and services. WooCommerce Subscriptions caters to this growing trend, offering businesses the ability to set up, manage, and maintain subscription products effortlessly within their WooCommerce store.

Overview of WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled is designed to integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, providing a comprehensive solution for managing subscription-based products and services. Whether it’s for physical goods, digital downloads, or ongoing services, this plugin brings the flexibility and robust functionality needed to run a successful subscription model.

Features of WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • Multiple Billing Schedules: Set up a variety of billing schedules to suit different products and customer preferences, including daily, weekly, monthly, and annual options.
  • Automatic Recurring Payments: Automate the billing process with recurring payments, ensuring consistent revenue and reducing manual efforts.
  • Flexible Subscription Management: Offer customers the ability to pause, upgrade, or downgrade their subscriptions, providing them with flexibility and control over their plans.
  • Prorated Payments and Sign-up Fees: Implement prorated payments for mid-cycle changes and charge one-time sign-up fees to cover initial costs.
  • Manual Renewal Option: Give customers the option to renew their subscriptions manually, catering to those who prefer more control over recurring charges.
  • Trial Periods: Introduce trial periods for new subscribers, allowing them to test products or services before committing to regular payments.
  • Customer Email Notifications: Automate email notifications for subscription renewals, reminders, and confirmations, keeping customers informed throughout their subscription journey.
  • Detailed Reporting: Access comprehensive reports on subscription performance, including recurring revenue, subscriber count, and retention rates.
  • Coupon and Discount Support: Offer special deals and discounts to subscribers, encouraging sign-ups and enhancing customer loyalty.
  • Subscription Synchronization: Synchronize subscription renewals to a specific day of the month or year, streamlining billing processes.
  • Variable Subscription Products: Create variable subscription products, allowing customers to choose from different subscription options for a single product.
  • Subscription Switching: Enable customers to switch between different subscription plans, offering greater flexibility and increasing satisfaction.
  • Failed Payment Handling: Manage failed payments effectively with automated retry rules and customer notifications.
  • Integration with Payment Gateways: Work seamlessly with a wide range of WooCommerce-compatible payment gateways, supporting various payment methods.
  • Subscription Exports and Imports: Easily export and import subscription data for analysis or migration purposes.
  • Multi-Language and Currency Support: Cater to a global audience with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.
  • Regular Updates and Support: Stay current with regular updates for compatibility with the latest WooCommerce versions, along with dedicated support for any technical queries.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Free Download is an essential plugin for businesses looking to tap into the lucrative world of subscription commerce. Its extensive range of features provides everything needed to launch and manage a variety of subscription models effectively. From automated billing and flexible subscription management to detailed analytics and customer engagement tools, WooCommerce Subscriptions offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. Implementing this plugin not only streamlines subscription management but also enhances the customer experience, fostering long-term relationships and steady revenue streams. For any WooCommerce store considering a move into the subscription economy, WooCommerce Subscriptions is a powerful, reliable, and adaptable choice.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog

Version 6.4.0
RELEASED ON 2024-06-13

New WP CLI support to manage subscriptions via command line.
Introduce wc/v2 subscription REST API endpoints.
label improvement on my subscription page template.
Regenerate subscriptions related order caches (renewal, resubscribe, switch) if it's stored as an invalid value to prevent fatal errors.
Show "FREE" instead of 0 when there is no shipping cost in the recurring totals section of the Cart and Checkout blocks (requires WooCommerce 9.0+).
New function wcs_set_recurring_item_total() to set line item totals that have been copied from an initial order to their proper recurring totals (i.e. remove sign-up fees).
Updated subscriptions-core to 7.2.0.

Version 6.3.2
RELEASED ON 2024-05-24

Prevent overriding line item totals provided in request data when creating
Orders via the REST API.

Version 6.3.1
RELEASED ON 2024-05-09

Resolved an issue that caused "WC_DateTime could not be converted to int" warnings to occur on non-hpos sites while editing a subscription.
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